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56- The Unexpected Solutions to Self-Healing

“The unexpected solution to self-healing is really about self-awareness and intuition, listening to our body’s messages and our body’s wisdom.” – Dr. Mariza

Like many of us, Dr. Mariza Snyder ignored the signs of impending health issues until she literally could no longer get out of bed. She has long since overcome her family lineage of hormone issues and her own lifestyle choices and is truly thriving! Now, Dr. Mariza is a best-selling author, functional medicine doctor, and essential oils expert…among other things. In her practice, she helps women dealing with things like stress, exhaustion, mood issues, weight gain, hormone conditions, headaches, and more bring balance back to their lives. Her path to healing is inspirational, and her advice will get you on the path to healing right away. Listen as we discuss the unexpected solutions to self-healing and:

Self-care rituals that invigorate and balance the mind, body and spirit
The power of a “joy list”
Versatility, benefits and use of matcha tea for PCOS (including for symptoms like hirsutism, hair loss, & acne)
How to use essential oils for hormone balance, brain fog, hair loss, hirsutism, acne, exhaustion, sleeplessness and more

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