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71 – Managing Sugar Cravings & PCOS

You have sugar cravings, and you often give in to them. Good news- there is a reason. It isn’t that you lack willpower, your body is betraying you, or that you are a weak person. It means something in your body is out of balance, either emotionally or physically. Many, many women with PCOS struggle with disordered eating- be it binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, or something else. Add to that the 43% of women who eat to manage emotion, and you have a real problem. Emotional eating expert and clinical nutritionist, Stephanie Dodier, visited the podcast to discuss:

  • How to identify the source of your cravings
  • Tools for managing cravings when they hit
  • Why no amount of will power is going to help you move beyond poor blood sugar regulation
  • The roles of nutritional deficiency and microbiome imbalances in cravings

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