Silvanna T. - PCOS Diva
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Silvanna T.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome last year after months of failing to become pregnant.  My Doctor advised me that I will not be able to become pregnant naturally, and would need to be placed on medical treatments to conceive. After several months of treatments on Clomid and Metaformin  I wasn’t not only not getting pregnant, but was also under excruciating pain as a result of being on a high dosage of Metaformin. Each month my Doctor placed an unreasonable  amount of pressure on me for not getting pregnant which added to my increasing stress level. During my final visit with that Doctor he suggested that I would have to begin taking shots. I had finally had enough I didn’t ask what types of shots, I just remember thinking. “You can give yourself those shots buddy”.

I remember that day very well because I remember the overwhelming feelings of despair, and depression that had already began to sink in months ago. I remember those feelings intensifying that day. I decided that day that I would find an alternative to medical treatments. So I begin an internet search about PCOS and found several forums and websites where women with PCOS discussed the positive effects they have seen on decreasing their symptoms on a gluten-free diet. I found other information that described the symptoms of a gluten intolerance, I had 7 out of the 10 symptoms. Common sense told me, ‘stop eating gluten’, so I stopped. Within 3 days I felt amazing, I felt like a human being again, no more exhaustion, no more headaches, no more acid reflux, no more pimples. I felt happy, I felt ‘normal’! I felt as though an unseen force was holding my hand, and giving me a peace I had never felt.  I felt as though everything would be ok. I continued to conduct  research regarding PCOS and gluten, and found PCOS Diva.

Initially I decided to try out the food plan, and quickly fell in love with the meal. I was finally able to understand that eating healthfully doesn’t mean eating bland boring food. After several weeks on the PCOS diva meal plan I decided that I needed to look into the coaching. I wanted to know more about PCOS, and how to manage my symptoms naturally. In June of 2013 I began Amy’s coaching program. In August I found out that I was pregnant, and am expecting our first child in May of 2014.

Amy’s personal coaching program isn’t a quick fix diet plan but a personal journey that has transformed my life in ways I could not imagine possible. I have learned so much about myself, and PCOS. I have found myself and I finally understand women with PCOS have specific needs that medication cannot treat. This journey healed me, and I can now live my life freely and whole heartedly. I look forward to meeting the little miracle growing inside me. That same miracle that Doctors said would not be possible naturally. I want women with PCOS to know that there is hope. There is happiness and joy that each one of us can achieve.

– Silvanna T.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! After almost a year of different treatments, all natural, and no success, it is hard to keep feeling motivated.

  2. I am 25 and was diagonised with pcos in may 2013. I have been taking some traditional medicine from my place here in Nigeria since last month and am glad to say that am now free from pcos.

  3. I am very happy for that lady who is expecting. If that happiness can be happen to me, I will try out this food plan. I will register on monday. Thank you Amy to email me and teach me how can achieve to this success…! Good luck to silvanna.

  4. Congrats I’m so happy for u and your husband . Thanks for your story it give me hope .me and my husband been trying for such a long time.