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Just Been Diagnosed with PCOS?

Just Diagnosed with PCOSI have just been diagnosed with PCOS.  Now what??

If you have recently been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), you are probably feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, hopeless and confused.  Being diagnosed with any illness or disease can be scary, but with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, it can feel devastating.  You may even be experiencing the 5 Stages of Grief.  You likely were driven to find a diagnosis by your frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing, symptoms including infertility, acne, hair loss or excess hair, weight gain, depression… the list goes on.  To be certain that you have been properly diagnosed, download my free PCOS 101 guide.

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You Are Not Alone!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders found in women, affecting approximately 10% of women worldwide, with less than 50% of them diagnosed.  The syndrome is present throughout a woman’s life from puberty through post-menopause and affects women of all races and ethnic groups.  Women with PCOS wrestle with an array of possible symptoms.  Far reaching health implications such as increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes make these already stressful symptoms even more daunting.

If you are a woman struggling with PCOS, I have good news- there is hope! While you cannot cure PCOS, you can alleviate most symptoms by losing weight through healthful eating and moderate exercise.  Lifestyle change is the key for women with PCOS whether they are overweight or not. We need to be thoughtful about the foods we use to fuel our bodies, the exercise we choose, the toxins we are exposed to and, just as importantly, the emotional and mental care we take with ourselves.  Dr. Samuel Thatcher, an early pioneer in PCOS research and treatment of PCOS, is quoted as saying, “A more holistic approach to PCOS is certainly warranted and can have a significant effect in altering quality of life.”

Where do I Begin?

The PCOS Diva 4 Steps to Healing

  1. First, you need to become educated about PCOS. By understanding the causes, symptoms and possible treatments, you can begin to see the path to healing.  Start by downloading PCOS Diva’s free PCOS 101 guide.  It will help you understand the causes and latest treatments for PCOS along with information about how to assemble your health care team and practical advice about what tests should be performed for diagnosis.  With that knowledge under your belt, you are ready to start healing.
  2. Women with PCOS have specific dietary needs. Changing what you eat can have an immediate and lasting effect on your health and reduce your symptoms.  PCOS Diva has gathered the latest research, practical advice and tons of free recipes for you in the diet section of PCOSDiva.com. Also, try our Seasonal Meal Plans.  They take all the guesswork out of eating to thrive with PCOS.  Each 6 week done-for you- menu with recipes is specially designed to heal your body and satisfy your hunger.
  3. Living and healing with the PCOS lifestyle is about more than just what we eat. We also need to exercise effectively and reduce stress and endocrine disruptors in our environment. Jumpstart is a good place to begin.  This 7 day program will get you on the right track and introduce the PCOS lifestyle that will begin your healing journey.
  4. Finally, consider adding supplements to your regimen.  PCOS can be well controlled with diet and exercise, but supplements can make it easier.  Check out the PCOS Diva store for a selection of the supplements that every woman with PCOS should consider.

Becoming a PCOS Diva:

PCOS Diva.com is an online resource for women with PCOS which embraces a holistic approach to healing and thriving.  As the founder of PCOS Diva, Amy Medling, CHC has worked with thousands of women, teaching them how to make sustainable lifestyle changes, which in turn positively impacts their health and lessens PCOS symptoms. “PCOS Divas” are able to take back control of their bodies and regain their fertility, femininity, health and happiness.  For more about PCOS Diva, Amy’s philosophy and PCOS Diva’s programs, check out the About section of the website.

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